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JCB 8008 CTS

Our 875kg 8008 CTS micro-excavator is a compact machine, capable of high performance in the most restricted areas, including within buildings and in rear gardens. It has an extending undercarriage ranging from 700mm to 865mm, perfect for tight fits. The 8008 CTS micro-excavator can dramatically reduce the time and manpower (just one man plus the machine) it takes to carry out labour-intensive digging jobs.

Takeuchi TB217R

With short reduced tail swing the upper structure and cab only exceeds the track footprint by centimetres, allowing us to work and rotate right up to walls. The TB217R is designed with a longer dipper arm and track frame to provide excellent working ranges for a 1.7 tonne machine weight class; maximum dig depth 2390mm and dump height 2545mm.

The HTD-5 Dumpster is a compact, walk behind, hi-tip mini dumper designed to save you time and energy. The HTD-5 has 2 speed tracking offering lower speed for precision and control and high speed for travelling across site. With a maximum machine width of just 690mm, the dumper fits through a standard doorway. It has a tip height of 1,450mm so can tip directly into a skip or high sided vehicle. The dumper also has a high carrying capacity of 500KG.

Thwaites Dumper.jpg

Our Thwaites 1 tonne, hi-tip dumper is the ideal machine when working in confined spaces or where access is limited but you need to move more than half a tonne a time. This dumper is an effective and efficient skip loader, ideal in the building of house extensions or property landscaping. This dumper pairs really well with our Takeuchi excavator on projects.

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Our New Holland is great for allowing us to collect and deliver aggregates directly to you for the task at hand. We can also arrange for waste away services so no more waiting around for skips - we can complete the entire job and clear away afterwards.